Investment grade pistols for sale & trade

Here you will find some of the finest investment grade antique flintlock pistols made by some of the best gunmakers the world has ever known.

Our pistols are currently evenly split between high-art French pistols made by Boutet, LePage et al and a fine collection of cased British pocket pistols.

Good prices are to be had on our British pistols as we intend to focus on French high-art pistols.



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About Antique Pistol Trader

I am are primarily a collector of high-art French pocket pistols.

On the way to arriving at what I really like to collect I ended up with some very nice British pistols and several pairs of supreme quality larger pistols; it is these pistols which can now be acquired at very keen prices.


There are bargains to be had, particularly on our British pistols. If anything interests you, make an offer, you never know if you don't give it a go.